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Rio Linda
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Kindergarten Staff

Anthony Bryant

Name that students call her:  Mr. B

Years at Morey: 1 year

Years teaching: 1 year

Favorite Hobbies or interests: Riding bikes along the American River. Going to Basketball and Football games.

Why do you love teaching? I love to see the expression of young kids when they start believing in their learning abilities. It is an awesome thing to see.

Chee Vang

Teacher Name:  Chee Vang                          

Name that students call you:  Mrs. Va

Years at Morey:  4                    

Years teaching:  15 years


Favorite hobbies or interests:   I love to watch dramas on Netflix.  I like camping, sightseeing, and relaxing by the pool.  During my leisure time, I get together with friends, colleagues, and family members.  I plan to do more traveling around the nearby states and hopefully travel to several Asian countries. 


Why do you love teaching? 

I love to share my experiences with my students.  I like to help children achieve their best even though they are so young and fresh from home.  I want to inspire students to dream big and become anything they want to be.  I feel rewarded when that little light bulb goes off “I got it teacher, I know how to do this by myself”.  I love getting to know my students and their families.  Most of all, I like to see students transform from knowing nothing to being able to read and do math the end of the school year. 

Janine Petree Price

Name: Janine Petree Price

Name that students call her:  Mrs. Petree

Years at Morey: 12

Years teaching: 20                                          

Favorite Hobbies or interests: When I’m not teaching I enjoy spending time with my family, my two Maltese Doggies, running outside or at the gym.

Why do you love teaching? I love watching how much Kindergarteners grow throughout the year. Kids say the cutest things and I love the way they make me laugh every day.

Transitional Kindergarten Teacher

Megan Olivas

Name: Megan Olivas

Name that students call her: Mrs. Olivas  

Years at Morey: 5 Years

Years teaching: 5 years

Favorite Hobbies or interests: Taking care of my twin boys, spending time with family and friends, traveling.

Why do you love teaching? I love teaching because every day I get to inspire, encourage, and motivate students to be their best. I love getting to know each student and being a part of their best. I love getting to know each student and being a part of their growth that happens throughout the year!