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Name that students call her: Ms. Carolyn  

Years at Morey: 29 years

Years teaching: 31/2 years

Favorite Hobbies or interests: Gardening, hiking, camping, bike riding, Lake Tahoe, American River bike trail, the ocean, Discovery park to Folsom Lake, all kinds of music

Why do you love teaching? To see children grow and develop, to form a connection with children and families 


Name that students call her:  Ms. Malia

Years at Morey: 2 years

Years teaching: 8 years

Favorite Hobbies or interests: I love to spend quality time with my family

Why do you love teaching? I love to see that indescribable smile on their face when they learn or try something new.



Name that students call you: Mrs. Alex 

Years at Morey: 0

Years teaching: 2

Favorite Hobbies or interests: Hiking, pottery, playing sports with my daughter and son.

Why do you love teaching? I believe education is life changing. I teach because everyday is different, every second counts, and the children learn something new every second.


Name: Mrs. Faydra Acker

Name that students call her:  Miss Faydra

Years at Morey: 1 year

Years teaching: 1 year

Favorite Hobbies or interests:

I have many hobbies and interests. To name a few dance, arts & crafts, and spending time with my family.

Why do you love teaching?

The main reason I love teaching is when I was in the 1st grade my teacher inspired me to want to learn. I became a teacher so that I can inspire my students to want to do the same.



Name that students call you: Ms. Amanda

Years at Morey: 1st year

Years teaching: 4 years

Favorite Hobbies or interests: My favorite hobby is cooking.

Why do you love teaching? Because I like to interact with children and it given the opportunity to make friends and teach better. Also my teacher called Aurora was my inspiration because she was a nice teacher.